The Child in Question: Texts, Cultures, Curricula, 
with guest editors Lisa Farley and Julie Garlen Maudlin. 
Deadline August 15th, 2015

We invite articles that explore childhood subjectivity, discursive constructions of and about childhood, and curricular and pedagogical issues impacting children in order to advance imaginative, critical, and situated conceptions of childhood. Contributors may take up a wide range of theoretical frameworks, including feminist, post-colonial, post-structural, psychoanalytic, historical, and autobiographical lenses to present diverse and divergent perspectives that interrogate normative conceptions of childhood, development, and curriculum designed β€œfor” children. 

Some specific subjects that may be explored include: the construction of difference and otherness, the complexities of the unconscious, the making of childhood subjectivity through discursive constructs and historical contexts, the reconceptualization of developmental psychology, the relation of childhood to coloniality and nationalism, the construction of otherness within and outside indigenous cultures, fictional childhoods, gender variant children and the question of sexuality, and the racialization of childhood in history, educational research, and practice.