Call for Papers for Special Issue

“Curricular Confrontations in the Wake of Anti-Blackness and in the Break of Black Possibilities” 

Guest Editors: Esther O. Ohito, Justin A. Coles, fahima i. ife, and Michael J. Dumas

Deadline: September 1, 2019

This special issue of Curriculum Inquiry aims to give readers and curriculum workers entry points into an expansive, interdisciplinary dialogue on anti-Blackness in curriculum studies. We ask contributors to consider how the heterogeneity of Black being and becoming, which inherently encompasses the multiplicities of Blacknesses within the African Americas as well as across a diaspora inhabited by African, Caribbean, and Afro-Latinx peoples, is (mis)represented in the overall project of knowledge (re)generation as historically and currently undertaken in the west. With deference to scholars like George Dei, Cynthia Dillard, Stuart Hall, bell hooks, Fred Moten, Christina Sharpe, Sylvia Wynter, and Frank B. Wilderson III, among many others, we theorize anti-Blackness as epistemic, ideological, material, and spiritual violences against Black peoples. These manifestations of anti-Black violences are contoured by a hyper-climactic obsession with and disregard for Blackness as bonded to Black bodies, experiences, and knowledges. Moreover, we understand the (mis)representations, absences, and erasures of Black peoples in curriculum studies as factors informing Blackness being imagined solely in opposition to intellectualism and humanity.

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